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Отзывы пассажиров
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The flight was delayed and we missed the second flight, stayed for five days
We had a plane from Chengdu to Qingdao by Beijing Capital Airlines and then we were supposed to get on the plane from Qingdao to Moscow on 6th of August. The plane from Chengdu was delayed for FIVE hours due to some circumstances (it was written on the table, that it is late due to Air Flow, but the company manager told us about weather conditions), so we missed the plane to Moscow by the same company. Nobody met us in the airport and we had to get the taxi and pay for the hotel. Next day the airport manager provided us the hotel for one night, because the air company manager told, that we can fly on 8th of August. But when we arrived to airport, got the ticket and passed the border control (visa was canceled), the air company manager told, that we can't fly, because there is no place in the plane and the belts on some free seats are broken (actual lying), hence, we have to delay our flight till 11th of August. They gave us no other opportunity. When we asked about refunding, they sent us to the company, where we bought the tickets; when we asked to give us another flights from the other cities, they told, that there is no such a flight; when we asked to buy us the ticket on the other plane of the different company, they refused as well. Hence, we have a delay for 5 days, but still here…with canceled visa. Never ending story.
08.08.2019, 13:08
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